Introduction to African teas

One of the oldest commodities that has influenced economies for centuries is a humble leaf. The history of tea and the part it has played in political and commercial activity is fascinating. Spanning many centuries and high-lighting some of the worst aspects of British and American exploitation of other countries and their resources.  It became […]

Opponents Cite this Law Increases Nanny State Government

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking to put the kibosh on supersized drinks in his city. The mayor is seeking to ban 16 fluid oz., and larger, sized sodas and other sugary drinks, citing the growing problem of obesity as the reasoning behind this decision. Bloomberg formally made his announcement last Thurs. as […]

Revolution from the Boston tea party

In 1774 the British Parliament passed four Acts. Which, as far as the British subjects in the thirteen colonies that became the United States of America, were completely reprehensible. The Acts, collectively known as the Coercive Acts. The Boston Port Act Purported to close the port of the city of Boston. The Massachusetts Government Act […]

Health Risks associated with Coca Cola

The sale of Coca-Cola worldwide seems to know no bounds; the Wall Street Journal has just reported that Coca-Cola profits are up 8% in the first quarter of 2012. However, consumers very nearly suffered from a crisis in confidence when it was revealed that a New Zealand woman, who consumed massive quantities of Coca-Cola on a […]

Tea’s place in history

Tea’s place in human history is a rich tapestry of culture, religious tradition, social standing and politics. Tea has followed man through thousands of years of history. Bringing with it the exotic aroma and flavor of the Eastern World. Tea’s creation is remembered, fondly, in ancient Chinese legend. An early Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung stopped, […]

Best Smoothies for a Hot Summer Day

Smoothies are the guilt-free, healthy alternative to milkshakes. They’re versatile, filling, easy to make and perfect for a hot summer day. Whether they’re for a nutritious breakfast, an after school refreshment for the kids, or a delicious cooling down treat on a balmy summer’s afternoon, there’s no need to invent an excuse to make your […]

Human society and tea

Since its discovery in 2737 BC, tea has continued to alter the way people all over the globe nurture their bodies, work, and even socialize. From Korean tea ceremonies to Great Britain’s tea parties, tea’s extensive history is evident in many of today’s most popular films, songs, and television shows. Including Lewis Carroll’s Alice in […]

Why Coke zero is Designed for Men

Coke Zero may have been given it’s name because it has zero calories, but in my opinion the name comes from the fact that this beverage has zero taste.  Now, keep in mind I didn’t say flavor.  The flavor of Coke Zero is reminiscent of a can of an off-brand foreign diet cola found in […]

Healthy benefits of tea

Tea lovers rejoice! Not only is tea a tasty and enjoyable beverage but it is also incredibly healthy as well. Tea has a rich history dating back thousands of years and is enjoyed all over the world as a coveted, soothing beverage. In fact, in many Asian cultures tea has been consumed on a regular […]

Why you should not Buy Bottled Water

Since being introduced to the general public some time ago, bottled water has always been a bit of a con. It has always been advertised as being picture perfect, filtered, spa-fresh fabulousness, but, in reality, the companies who advertise it are only showing half the picture. There are many concerning issues that the retail sectors […]